About Gray’s Pointe

gc1Gray’s Pointe is a premier garden style condominium community located in Fairfax, Virginia. The complex is right on Route 50, just east of Majestic Lane and the Greenbriar Shopping Center, which makes it convenient for commuting and shopping. There is easy access to the Fairfax County Parkway, I-66, the Fair Oaks Mall and a number of other hot spots. The Map Quest link will take you from Gray’s Point to any location of your choice.

The condominium was built by The Milton Company in 1985-1988. It consists of 10 buildings with a total of 207 units. Twenty-three years ago, the area surrounding Grays Pointe was very different and much less developed. There was a lot of open space and farm land that has since disappeared and made way for several residential communities and commercial centers.

Gray’s Pointe boasts of large, comfortable condominiums with a balcony (some have two) or a patio and a wood burning fire place. The top floor units have vaulted ceilings that make them look very spacious. Each individual condominium has a unique entry from a large two story building foyer to a small vestibule inside the unit with an interior stair case. Floor plans for the units are attached.

Gray’s Pointe has its own pool that is open from Memorial Day through Labor Day. There is a Jacuzzi as well. The rules and regulations are posted on this site. We do sell a limited number of outside pool memberships to local area residents.

Over the years, the Board of Directors and the homeowners worked hard to keep the property in excellent condition and up to date in its appearance. A new paint palette and new landscaping have added to our curb appeal.

If you are interested in buying or renting a condominium, contact a local realtor.

About the Web Site

This site is intended to be a handy reference for Gray’s Pointe Condominium owners and renters who are looking for easy access to information about the community. Everything about Gray’s Pointe is on this site, so look no further.