Barbecue Grills

Residents are reminded that Fairfax County law prohibits  barbecuing on condominium balconies with a charcoal or gas grill. By order of the Fire Marshal, propane tanks cannot be stored anywhere in the buildings, even on the balconies or patios. You can use a UL approved electric grill that plugs into a grounded outlet. If you are on the ground floor, you must pull your charcoal or gas grill out at least 15 feet from any building or tree.

We are concerned about the safety of our residents. Please let TWC know if a violation is occurring so that appropriate action can be taken.

Pet Policy

As a dog owner, cleaning up after your pet is your responsibility. Some of you don’t do it, and, let’s face it; this inconsiderate behavior gives pet owners a bad reputation. It also makes many of your neighbors very angry. Please note that you can be charged a penalty fee of $50.00 if you do not clean up after your pet. Furthermore, pursuant to Article XI, Section 1(h) of the Gray’s Pointe Condominium Bylaws, the Board of Directors has the authority to order any nuisance pet to be removed from the property with ten days written notice. Your dog will be considered a nuisance if you refuse to clean up after it or if your pet is off the leash and roaming about. In reality, you are the nuisance and the dog is just the innocent victim. Let’s make sure our pets don’t suffer the consequences of bad people behavior.

If you note any problems, please call TWC at 703-437-5800 and let them know or you can email Caroline Attia at [email protected]

Rats Love Bird Seed

Over the past few weeks, there have been a few rats seen at Gray’s Pointe. They have been in the closets behind the units, on the balconies, and even in the walls of the buildings. This is a serious problem that warrants immediate attention.

We asked two different exterminators survey the property to see what might have changed recently to cause this problem. Both of the contractors found BIRD SEED to be the issue. Rats love bird seed and they seek it out as a preferred food source. Bags of seed have been found on patios and in storage closets. Even bird feeders are a problem, so all of them must be removed immediately. Effective immediately, any bird feeders seen anywhere in the common area including the balconies and patios will be removed without further notice. Rats are good climbers, and even bird feeders on top floor balconies can be easily accessed.

Rodent bait boxes have been strategically placed in certain areas of the community and they will be monitored regularly. They are black plastic boxes on the ground, and they should not be moved or disturbed. Pets cannot access the poison inside unless the boxes are destroyed.

If you have had any rodent related issues that you want to report, please contact Caroline Attia at [email protected]

Foyer Storage & Decorations

This is a reminder that personal belongings may not be stored in the foyers. This includes bicycles, strollers, toys and furniture such as chairs, tables, trunks, dressers, clothing, boxes, etc. The foyers cannot be used to store things that you don’t want or won’t fit inside your unit.

Any inappropriately stored items can be removed and disposed of by the maintenance staff without further notice. Bicycles and strollers should be stored inside your unit or on your balcony or patio. Maintenance personnel will be checking the foyers periodically for items that do not belong there and items will be removed on a ongoing basis.

The only items allowed in the foyers are door mats that are in good condition and seasonal door wreaths and small seasonal decorations. If you have any questions about whether or not a specific item or decoration might be allowed, please call before June 2.

Keep in mind that the foyers are one of the first things that people see when they come to Gray’s Pointe. We want these areas to be neat, clean and attractive. We appreciate your cooperation.

Satellite Dishes

Once again, the Board of Directors is reminding residents that satellite dishes are only allowed at Gray’s Pointe if they are mounted in accordance with the association’s rules. Satellite dishes may not be attached to the roof or wood trim on the buildings under any circumstances. They may only be mounted INSIDE the balconies. Dishes may not be placed elsewhere in the common area including the grass or mulch beds, either in front or in back of the buildings. Dishes are allowed in the enclosed alcoves in front of the buildings.

Any dishes that are installed in violation of the regulations will be removed after June 28, 2013 by a contractor hired by the condominium association without further notice. The dishes and related equipment will be left on the balcony of the unit where they are wired if the unit can be identified. Pursuant to the Gray’s Pointe Bylaws, any costs incurred will be charged back to the homeowner.

Winter Reminders


Our snow removal contractor does not clean out the parking spaces.  That’s up to the residents.  When you shovel out your car, please don’t dump you snow on the roadway or on someone else’s car.  And please respect the reserved parking assignments.  Remember, you and your guests can be towed without notice if you park in someone else’s reserved space.  Parking can get tight when there are piles of snow because it has to go somewhere.


Buckets of ice melt have been placed at each building entrance and on a few parking lot islands.  Please feel free to spread ice melt on sidewalks and steps that appear slippery.  Keep in mind that the walks may thaw and then refreeze at night when the temperature drops.  It may be a good idea to keep a small amount of ice melt in your car just in case.

Excessive Noise

Unit owners and occupants shall exercise care not to disturb other Unit Owners or occupants with excessive noise from the use of radios, televisions, musical instruments, amplifiers, or telephones. This includes allowing your pet to run freely in the middle of night, running your dishwasher and/or washer machines as well as blasting the music from your car as well as late night moving. Turn the noise down and be considerate of your neighbor. We all have to live together and be respectful of each other. If you have any problems with noise from your neighbors, you contact the Fairfax County Police at (703) 691-2131 to file a noise complaint.

Hardwood Floors

Article XI, Section 1(j) of the bylaws requires wall to wall carpeting and padding in all units except in the kitchen and bathrooms.  This means that you cannot install hardwood floors in the living room, dining room, hallway or bedrooms.  The Board is willing to grant a waiver of this restriction to residents living in A level units because nobody lives below them.  Hardwood floors are prohibited because the noise transmission between units at Gray’s Pointe is significant.   If you install hardwood floors, the Board of Directors has the right to order that they be removed at your expense.  The Board can enforce this restriction through legal action, if necessary, especially if your improvement negatively impacts the person below you.