Please remember that all vehicles parked on Gray’s Pointe property must have current license plates and a current Virginia inspection sticker. If you live at Gray’s Pointe, you are a Virginia resident, and unless you are a full time student or active military, your car must have Virginia license plates.

Please be courteous of your neighbors and park between the lines, not too close to one side of the space or the other. Everyone needs enough room to get in and out of their vehicle.

We don’t allow vehicles that are inoperable or unused to be stored at Gray’s Pointe, and all vehicles parked in the lot must be in good condition. All vehicles must be in working order. Cars and trucks with flat tires, broken windows, or extensive body damage may not be stored on the property. Vehicles parked in violation of the condominium policy are subject to towing without further notice at the vehicle owner’s risk and expense. Please check your vehicle to make sure it meets the condominium requirements.

If you are going away for more than two weeks, you should let us know so that we are aware that your car will not be moving. If you have a car that you rarely drive, it is your responsibility to check it regularly. Vehicles that do not move for weeks can be considered to be stored.

Commercial vehicles and work trucks are not allowed to park in the lot unless they are there on a service call. If a commercial vehicle or work truck is parked in the lot after 8:00 p.m., it is subject to towing without further notice. A commercial vehicle is defined as any car, truck or van with a logo or advertising on it or a vehicle with exposed equipment such as a ladder rack. Pickup trucks may not park in the lot if the bed is loaded with trash, work materials or other debris. Commercial vehicles can be parked on the service road along Route 50, but please do not park them in front of Gray’s Pointe.

Recreational vehicles, boats, trailers, taxi cabs and school busses are not allowed to park at Gray’s Pointe.

The Board of Directors is concerned about the appearance of the community and being able to provide enough parking spaces for the vehicles that should be there. For these reasons the rules will be enforced.

If you rent your unit, please make sure your tenant has this information.

Questions can be directed to  Nichole Tilas at [email protected]