Pet Policy

As a dog owner, cleaning up after your pet is your responsibility. Some of you don’t do it, and, let’s face it; this inconsiderate behavior gives pet owners a bad reputation. It also makes many of your neighbors very angry. Please note that you can be charged a penalty fee of $50.00 if you do not clean up after your pet. Furthermore, pursuant to Article XI, Section 1(h) of the Gray’s Pointe Condominium Bylaws, the Board of Directors has the authority to order any nuisance pet to be removed from the property with ten days written notice. Your dog will be considered a nuisance if you refuse to clean up after it or if your pet is off the leash and roaming about. In reality, you are the nuisance and the dog is just the innocent victim. Let’s make sure our pets don’t suffer the consequences of bad people behavior.

If you note any problems, please call TWC at 703-437-5800 and let them know or you can email Caroline Attia at [email protected]

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