As authorized, the Board of Directors for the Gray’s Pointe Condominium Association has adopted the following as the Gray’s Pointe Condominium Recreation Association Rules and Regulations.Click here to view the rest of the Rules and Regulations online.

These Rules and Regulations have been developed by the Board of Directors and the Pool Committee in order to ensure the right of enjoyment of the pool and related facilities for all members.

Memorial Day Weekend (Saturday, May 23, 2015) to
Labor Day (Monday, September 7, 2015)

Monday 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Tuesday CLOSED
Wednesday CLOSED
Thursday 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Friday 3 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Saturday 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Sunday 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Holidays 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.
In the event of inclement weather, mechanical problems or whenever such action is deemed necessary, the Pool Manager or his representative may close the pool.

All condominium or townhouse association fees must be fully paid in order for a homeowner to be considered a member “in good standing” of the community. All Gray’s Pointe Condominium owners and residents in good standing are eligible to use the pool facilities at Gray’s Pointe. Any Townes of Greenbriar homeowner who is a member in good standing of the Townes of Greenbriar Homeowners Association is eligible to become a member of the Gray’s Pointe Pool upon receipt of a completed application and the annual fee of $330.00. Applications and fees should be returned to TWC Association Management in accordance with the instructions on the pool application form.

for Gray’s Pointe Residents

Gray’s Pointe will issue one pool pass for the season to each adult and child who resides at Gray’s Pointe. Only members in good standing will be issued passes. All condominium fees, special assessments, late charges and penalty fees must be paid in full in order for passes to be made available.

Residents of the Townes of Greenbriar will also be issued one pool pass that will be valid for the entire season. These passes will be mailed upon receipt of a completed application and a check for $300.00.

Membership passes must be shown upon entrance to the pool and at any time upon the request of the lifeguard or pool manager. All persons entering the pool must sign the daily log. Pool members who owe past due Association fees will be denied admittance to the facilities until all fees are paid current. Five days must be allowed to process delinquent payments.

Guests to the Gray’s Pointe Pool must be accompanied at all times by a member in good standing. Guests are defined as persons who do not own or live at Gray’s Pointe or Towns of Greenbriar. There will be a limit of four guests per day for each condominium or townhouse member. Priority will be given to actual members, and in the event that the pool area is filled to capacity, guests may be asked to leave the facility in order to accommodate members.
I. Management

The Board of Directors has contracted with a professional pool management company for the maintenance of the pool, staffing and supervision, and for the enforcement of these Rules and Regulations. The Pool Managers or their representatives may act on behalf of the Board of Directors for Gray’s Pointe Condominium Association in regard to routine pool operations and pool use.
II. Admission Requirements

Members must sign in on a daily log and show proper identification upon entering the pool area and at the request of the lifeguard or pool manager. Guests must be accompanied by a pool member, sign in and show identification upon request of the lifeguard or pool manager. Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult of at least 18 years old.
III. Pool Area Safety and Health Regulations

1. All persons will shower and be attired in proper swim wear prior to entering the water.
2. No running, pushing, or rough play will be permitted anywhere in the pool enclosure. The lifeguard’s judgment prevails.
3. Standing jumps and dives will only be permitted in the deep end of the pool.
4. SMOKING will not be permitted within the pool enclosure or in the pool house.
5. Pets are not allowed within the pool enclosure.
6. Children in diapers must wear swim diapers especially designed for use in a pool. No other rubber pants or disposable diapers will be allowed for obvious health reasons.
7. Children under the age of 12 are not allowed in the Jacuzzi.
8. All injuries occurring on pool property must be reported immediately to the lifeguard or pool manager.
9. Persons creating a disturbance or under the influence of alcohol or other substances will be ordered to vacate the pool premises. The judgment of the lifeguard or pool manager prevails.
10. No floats or beach ball will be permitted in the pool. Specially designed water safety wings, life jackets, or other water safety devices for small children are permitted.
11. In Accordance with Fairfax County Swimming Pool Ordinance Chapter 69 Section 3 6 7 and 3 6 9:
• Food and glass containers are not allowed within the pool enclosure.
• Swim privileges will be refused to all persons with colds, coughs, inflamed eyes, severe infection, nasal discharge, or anyone wearing bandages.
• Hard soled shoes may not be worn while on the pool deck.

IV. General Rules

1. All persons shall use the pool facilities at their own risk! The Gray’s Pointe Condominium Association assumes no responsibility for accidents or injuries in connection with such use or for any loss and/or damage to personal property.
2. Members are responsible for the actions of their guests and children.
3. Damaging pool property will result in the revocation or temporary suspension of pool privileges.
4. All persons shall obey instructions and respect the judgment of the lifeguards and/or pool manager. Disputes will be filed in writing with the Gray’s Pointe Board of Directors.
5. The pool manager and/or assistant managers are in full charge of the pool area and are authorized to adjudge situations and enforce all rules of safety. Such authority includes the right to evict all persons who fail to comply with these Rules and Regulations.
6. Situations not specifically covered in these Rules and Regulations may be acted upon by the Gray’s Pointe Board of Directors to provide clarification to the members. The Board of Directors is empowered to amend, add, or delete rules for the benefit of the general membership.
7. Members and their guests are allowed to use the pool facilities and to be on pool property during the specified hours of operation only. Violations of this regulation will result in a fine and/or revocation or temporary suspension of pool privileges as deemed appropriate by the Gray’s Pointe Board of Directors.
8. Pool privileges may be temporarily suspended or revoked for violations of any of these regulations, as deemed appropriate by the Gray’s Pointe Board of Directors.