Rats Love Bird Seed

Over the past few weeks, there have been a few rats seen at Gray’s Pointe. They have been in the closets behind the units, on the balconies, and even in the walls of the buildings. This is a serious problem that warrants immediate attention.

We asked two different exterminators survey the property to see what might have changed recently to cause this problem. Both of the contractors found BIRD SEED to be the issue. Rats love bird seed and they seek it out as a preferred food source. Bags of seed have been found on patios and in storage closets. Even bird feeders are a problem, so all of them must be removed immediately. Effective immediately, any bird feeders seen anywhere in the common area including the balconies and patios will be removed without further notice. Rats are good climbers, and even bird feeders on top floor balconies can be easily accessed.

Rodent bait boxes have been strategically placed in certain areas of the community and they will be monitored regularly. They are black plastic boxes on the ground, and they should not be moved or disturbed. Pets cannot access the poison inside unless the boxes are destroyed.

If you have had any rodent related issues that you want to report, please contact Caroline Attia at [email protected]

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