Gray’s Pointe Condominium Association encourages all residents to recycle. The recycling center for the community is located in the parking lot next to 12960 Gray’s Pointe Road. It’s all the way in the back of the property on the right side. There is a clearly marked dumpster there for recyclables that is emptied twice each week by Republic Services.

Recycling is easier now because all the recyclable materials can go into the same dumpster. This includes aluminum cans, metal cans, paper, phone books, magazines, cardboard, glass and plastics. Cardboard boxes should be broken down to save space.

More information on what can be recycled can be found at American Disposal Recycling.


In the past 5 years, the quality of Recycling has been reduced tremendously due to contamination. You may think we all recycle, but we are doing it wrong. Recycling carts, bins and dumpsters get filled with non-recyclable items everyday. For more information download this pdf article.