Satellite Dishes

Once again, the Board of Directors is reminding residents that satellite dishes are only allowed at Gray’s Pointe if they are mounted in accordance with the association’s rules. Satellite dishes may not be attached to the roof or wood trim on the buildings under any circumstances. They may only be mounted INSIDE the balconies. Dishes may not be placed elsewhere in the common area including the grass or mulch beds, either in front or in back of the buildings. Dishes are allowed in the enclosed alcoves in front of the buildings.

Any dishes that are installed in violation of the regulations will be removed after June 28, 2013 by a contractor hired by the condominium association without further notice. The dishes and related equipment will be left on the balcony of the unit where they are wired if the unit can be identified. Pursuant to the Gray’s Pointe Bylaws, any costs incurred will be charged back to the homeowner.

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